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Starline Track Busway

Starline Track Busway

in Data Centers:  Systems are designed to eliminate hot spots.  The connection of the busbars are not bolted.   The conductor connections can not loosen and provide the reliable and clean power needed for the Servers, Main Frames and any other hardware.  The Plug-in devices, with or without meters, are factory built and tested to your design requirements.   



Starline Track Busway in Automotive and Contract Electrical Manufacturing:.System plugin devices are easily repositioned for Car Model Assembly Line setups.   Additional plugin can be added on the system live.

Starline Track Busway for Flexible Power in

Production Areas 


Starline Track Busway in Labs and Universities:.Convenient single and three phase power connections for Labs.   These systems enable the changes for long term or short term experiments.   The plug & Play  

ability of Starline allows for the removal of the electrical plugin devices when not required.


IMG_4788 - Scripps Research Florida.jpg
IMG_1757 - Copy.JPG

Starline Track Busway Ballroom Systems:  Embedded into the Plaster Ceilings so only the Access slot is exposed.  Changes are possible for connection of single or three phase devices.   Typically connected to floor mounted portable MCB units for power distribution: for Stages or Trade Shows..

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