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BERGVIK  Iso Ceiling-Grid & Iso Raised-Floor Systems

BERGVIK  Iso Ceiling-Grid:  is an engineered ceiling system that provides an overhead structure to support technical infrastructure in information technology, educational, healthcare, industrial, retail and other sectors.

The Iso Flex-GridTM ceiling system can be tailored to meet project specific requirements in relation to colour and finish, grid size, ceiling  plenum height, ceiling tile material and load capacities.

BERGVIK  Iso Raised-Floor Systems:  is the strongest and most adaptable raised access floor on the market. Iso Raised-Floor is a unique floor system that can be adjusted to the conditions you have within your facility.

The Steel tubular construction mated with the adjustable height pedestals, floor anchored steel pads, make Bergvik reliable and able to adjust to structural changes.   Seismic rated systems are available upon request.

BERGVIK  Iso Hi-Flex Floor Systems:  The usage of high ceiling areas is improved with the Iso Hi-Flex ceilings.   The creation of mezzanine levels so that you can optimize your floor space as well as the overall ceiling height.  Pedestal heights up to 4.9 meters are available.  


Either the racks on the top level, or switchgear, that is your choice.   The structural strength allows you to design to fit your requirements. 

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