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The mysteries associated with three phase power distribution and usage are visited and answered with Starline Busway, Zonit and Packet Power and other innovative products.   Solutions for the Data Center, Automotive and other applications are provided.  Introduction Slideshare files are listed below


Products and all components are easy to:

SlideShare Introduction Powerpoints:
1.       Starline Track Busway Data Center Systems: To optimize is to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible. Starline Track Busway for the Data Center does this. It enables the user to have clean power without sacrificing the ability of having rapid changes. The reliability of Starline in unsurpassed. The system construction has benefits such as plug and play connections as well as reusability of the system into the future. I hope to hear from you in the near future.
          2.    Starline Track Busway Commercial Systems: Sustainability is the desired outcome for the design on     projects. Starline provides this outcome by blending functionality and adaptability to the design. This Power point shows photos of retail and commercial facilities using Starline Track Busway for electrical distribution. The ability to change is fundamental. To change the positions of lighting fixtures, circuit arrangement, and usage points are all enabled by the usage of Starline Track Busway.
3.       Zonit Miniature ATS:  Zonit eliminates the multiple ATS arrangement. In effect, addresses single point of failure issues with the ATS. Provides fast and easy power transfer. This is a functioning switch that takes up no rack space. It provides redundant A-B power to Single Power Inputs.
4.       Starline Track Busway Ballroom Systems:  The systems shown are embedded into the ceilings so only the access slot is exposed. Clean, simple power source for kiosks, trade show set-ups, general power, lighting. Structural system that is used for a wide variety of applications. Starline Track Busway

       5.  Data Center Monitoring: Packet Power provides the easiest way to capture detailed power consumption information.
            Wireless monitoring devices: Smart Power Cables offering a flexible, simple to install and highly granular way of capturing   power the consumption and temperature information.  Wireless Smart PDU’s provide a fast and easy way to incorporate monitoring when adding new cabinets.  Power monitoring integrated into overhead mounting or under raised floor with products such as Starline.


 A true Representative Company specializing in products that are state of the art and can meet requirements found on “Green” or LEED projects.

Areas covered include Asia, India, China, Australia, SE Asia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc

JPE Jelph Power Equipment Co. Pte LtdProductsArchitectural ProjectsData CentersIndustrial and Convention CentersContact Information